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Gavin Marks journey in the food industry has been like many other chefs. He has travelled with his trade across the globe, working long days, and found himself the victim of bad eating habits along the way – often not eating proper meals at the right time, drinking way too much coffee and enjoying a few too many alcoholic beverages.  Over time his gut flora and overall health changed and he found he was unable to enjoy the foods he once had. Gavin discovered fermented foods and their benefits at the beginning of 2014; from there he began to immerse himself in learning all that he could about good and bad bacteria and the effects certain types of foods can have on the body and overall gut health.   Gavin started producing his own ferments at home, realising the positive effects it was having on my own health, he decided he wanted to offer others the opportunity to eat his healthy & flavoursome creations- this was the start of Green St Kitchen

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  • Jamu Jamu Tonic fermented probiotic
  • Living Coconut probiotic
  • Kimchi Mayonnaise
  • Kimchi