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Combining authentic Ayurvedic spices and New Zealand spring water – the OSOM beverage range caters to the emerging demand for beverages providing ‘Guilt Free, Healthy Hydration for Body, Mind and Soul’.

The name OSOM is derived from the Sanskrit word SOM, meaning – The Nectar of Immortality. The branding and packaging design positions the brand away from the traditional “ayurvedic” looking companies with a modern, clean and unique look.

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New Zealand


OSOM is a brand that offers Ayurvedic spiced New Zealand spring water, with formulas that are free from added sugar and artificial sweeteners to promote healthy, functional hydration.

Despite including spices from the Ayurveda natural healing system, OSOM’s beverages have been intentionally branded to give off a clean and modern look that avoids traditional Indian and Ayurvedic motifs. Another unique distinction made by the brand is the fact that it opted to name its products based on emotional needs rather than flavor. While a flavorful combination of fennel, cumin, ginger, holy basil and turmeric make up Restore, consumers first and foremost have the ability to identify with the drink’s functional properties, or choose between other options like Calming and Detox.