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Swirlit is the new functional beverage formulated by a Sydney dentist Angie Lang to fill a gap in the market for a drink that wouldn’t contribute to dental problems. Dr. Lang created Swirlit, a ready-to-drink beverage with xylitol and cinnamon, after seeing the detrimental effects of acidic beverages with high sugar content across her patients. Discovering there was no beverage on the market that prevented or didn’t worsen these dental problems, Dr.​ Lang set out to create a drink with no sugar and a neutral pH.

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Swirlit is the world’s first functional oral health drink. Every ingredient is backed by science, and is recognised for their benefits in oral health. Swirlit contains a base formula of plant based ingredients xylitol, erythritol and grape seed extract which actually helps reduce plaque in the mouth and reduce the risk of dental decay. Xylitol also helps to buffer or neutralise acids.

Acacia, guar and xanthan gums and xylitol are plant based prebiotics that are also great for oral health and gut health. These ingredients also give Swirlit a silky smooth texture, which leaves the mouth feeling hydrated and relieve that dry mouth feeling. We’ve added vitamins D, E, folate, co-enzyme Q10 and zinc for their benefits in supporting healthy gums and oral soft tissues.
The ingredients use in Swirlit are also a source of antioxidants and polyphenols.