4 Apr, 2019
HOFEX is Asia’s leading Food & Hospitality Tradeshow. Now in its 32nd year, the show has took the industry on numerous extraordinary journeys of culinary delicacies and innovations from all over the world, bringing the most comprehensive selection of Food & Drinks, Hospitality Equipment & Supplies products to Asia.

HOFEX will run for 4 days with over 2,800 exhibitors comprised of local and international brands. It is expected to attract over 42,000 professionals in the industry ranging from service to distribution and trade.

Representation at HOFEX starts at AUD $ 450.00

The Food Box team will represent your brand and showcase your products at the exhibition and follow up all leads on your brand’s behalf and network with Hong Kong’s leading distributors and retailers.

With a population of around 8 million, Hong Kong emerges as one of the world’s most exciting consumer markets.

Hong Kong is an import-dependent market with 95% of F&B products imported from around the world (Business Sweden Report). This is further supported with Hong Kong having considerably relaxed regulatory environment for imported F&B. Furthermore, Hong Kong is strategically located to be a strong trading hub of exports into China, setting the trend for mainland customers.

Customers in Hong Kong nowadays are becoming more health conscious about what they consume. The result is an increasing trend towards healthy, functional and organic foods.

Influenced by a dramatical​ growth population and fast-paced work-life balance, ready-to-eat meals or take-home food items represent a growth area that has helped supermarkets, convenience stores, ​and other retail outlets throughout the F&B industry to increase revenue, expected to update and expand F&B product lines.

Hong Kong boosts similar and even more innovative trends similar to Australia, USA and Europe so NOW is a great opportunity to capitalize​!

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