WE ARE HEADING TO JAPAN! Come and join us
20 Dec, 2018
FOODEX JAPAN is Asia’s largest exhibition dedicated to Food & Beverage across Japan and the whole world. The exhibition will run for 4 days with over 3,500 exhibitors comprised of local and international brands

It is expected to attract over 85,000 professionals in the industry ranging from service to distribution and trade. With a population of over 127 million, Japan is arguably leading the wealthiest and most mature consumer markets in the world.

This includes the F&B markets as sales in this industry reached up to $474.9 billion dollars in 2016 (USDA Foreign Agricultural Service). In recent research, it is stated that 55% of the Japanese population enjoy foods with superior tastes and involves high interest in a wide variety of international foods.

Influenced by the dramatically aging population and fast-paced work-life balance, ready-to-eat meals or take-home food items represent a growth area that has helped supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail outlets throughout the F&B industry to increase revenue, expected to update and expand F&B product lines.

Japan boosts similar and even more innovative trends similar to Australia, USA and Europe now is a great opportunity to capitalise.

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